Faculty led

Since 2013 we have collaborated with Dr. Alison Beach, of the Department of History, Ohio State University, who has brought a group of students to excavate every year since then as part of a course she teaches on Monasticism. Students receive credit for attending the course, attending lectures in Ohio State beforehand, and are required to do project work while in Ireland culminating in a multi-media presentation. Once in Ireland they engage with site work for the full day; in the evenings they regularly work with Prof. Beach on a research question which they arrive at through in-depth discussion and guided study. In addition, they go on field trips, one of which is usually a weekend away. Their advance classroom work gives them an introduction to the nature of monasticism in Europe in the medieval period, and in particular to the society of the time and the place of the monasteries in it. The experience in Ireland brings a physical dimension to that knowledge.

In light of her dedication to her students we are delighted that she has been awarded the Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award.

The award recognizes faculty for developing new courses, original materials, and/or innovative methods and venues for delivery, as well as for making a difference in students’ educations, lives, and careers. Recipients of the award are chosen based on the excellence of their records as well as on their vision of how they will continue to grow as a teacher.


“I loved my time at the Blackfriary! It was the best choice I made in college. It was an amazing learning experience and the people were fantastic!” Brady Nye OSU 2014

We are always interested in collaborating with faculty members who have an interest in creating courses centred on the immersive experience of excavation and access to upstanding historic remains.

In the past we have worked with a number of institutions to provide custom built programs suited to their requirements.

  • Indiana State University, USA
  • Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, USA
  • Ithaca College, USA
  • SUNY Cortland, USA
  • University of North Dakota, USA
  • University of Maryland, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA
  • The Institute of Field Research, USA
  • Maynooth University, Ireland
  • Learn International, Ireland
  • Flinders University, Australia
  • La Trobe University, Australia